Image of Prospa

Gaia Borretti - Prospa: Control The Party


Take a look at Gaia Borretti's edit for Jak Payne's new film - an unnerving and dystopian music video for Prospa's CONTROL THE PARTY.

Director: Jak Payne
Editor: Gaia Borretti
Production Company: Blink
Executive Producer: Laura Northover and Paul Weston
Producer: Ghandi El-Chamaa
DOP: Ruben Woodin Deschamps
Post Producer: Charles Morris @ The Mill
Colour: Alex Gregory
Music: Prospa


Jak Payne


Ghandi El-Chamaa @ Blink

Image of Tesco \'Delivering Christmas\'

Adam Spivey - Tesco: Delivering Christmas

What the Dickens?! Adam Spivey has delivered us the Christmassy time-travelling edit for Tesco Food.


What the Dickens?! Adam Spivey has delivered us the Christmassy time-travelling edit for Tesco Food.

Director: Traktor
Editor: Adam Spivey
Production Company: Stink Films
Executive Producer: Jon Chads
Producer: Lucy Gossage
Creatives: Marc Rayson and Callum Prior
Agency: BBH
Agency Producer: Joe Pawsey
DOP: Alex Barber
Post: MPC
Sound: Sam Ashwell and Ben Gulvin at 750MPH



Image of PlayStation Pro

Sam Rice-Edwards - PlayStation: Feel The Power Of Pro


Check out our latest work with PlayStation.

Director: Frédéric Planchon
Editor: Sam Rice-Edwards
Agency: adam&eveDDB
Executive Creative Directors: Ant Nelson and Mike Sutherland
Creatives: Darren Beresford and Richard Gayton
Production Company: Academy 
Executive Producer: Dulcie Kellett
Production Manager: Gemma Priggen
DOP: Justin Brown
Post Production: The Mill
Sound Design: Sam Ashwell at 750 MPH

Image of Itv Britbox 4

Eve Ashwell - ITV: Britbox


Here's Eve Ashwell's edit for Daniel Kleinman's star-studded, gravity defying commercial for ITV BritBox.

Director: Daniel Kleinman
Production Company: Rattling Stick
Editor: Eve Ashwell
Executive Producer: Johnnie Frankel
Producer: Sam Levene
Production Manager: Lara Baldwin
DOP: John Mathieson
Head of 3D: Alex Hammond
Post Production: The Mill

Image of Renault Clio - The French Exchange

Sam Rice-Edwards - Renault: The French Exchange


Take a look at the latest film Sam Rice-Edwards has cut for Frederic Planchon. THE FRENCH EXCHANGE creates a beautiful and moving story for Renault UK.

Director: Frédéric Planchon
DOP: Stéphane Fontaine
Editor: Sam Rice-Edwards
Production Company: Academy Films
Producer: Dulcie Kellett
Production Manager: Antonia Vickers
Executive Producer: Simon Cooper
Agency: Publicis Poke
Agency Producer: Colin Hickson
Executive Creative Director: Dave Monk
Group Creative Director: Colin Byrne
Creative Director: Rob Butcher and Tom Genower 
Post-Production: MPC
Colourist: Jean-Clément Soret
VFX: Timo Huber
Audio Post-Production: Wave Studios
Sound Designer: Parv Thind
Music: Luis Almau at Soundtree 


Renault Clio - The French Exchange


Frédéric Planchon


Dulcie Kellett @ Academy Films

Image of Adidas Skateboarding - 3rd Base

Jack Williams - Adidas Skateboarding X Transworld Skate


Except from Adidas Skateboarding X Transworld Skate film ‘3rd Base’, directed by Thomas Ormonde and edited by Jack Williams.

Check out the full film on

Director: Thomas Ormonde

Production: Ground Work

DOP: Spike Morris

Skate Videographer: Hidenori Tanaka

Editor: Jack Williams

Music: Daniel Lovegrove

Colourist: Thomas Mangham

Post Production: Carl Norton @ The Mill

Sound Design: TieFace 

Illustration: Dan Evans

Image of \'Stilts\'

'Stilts' UK Premiere

Cut by our very own Jack Williams, 'Stilts' got its UK premiere this week ahead of previews of Robert Eggers' 'The Lighthouse', and showed on Channel 4 last night as part of Film 4's curated 2019 Film Fear Season.


Cut by our very own Jack Williams, 'Stilts' got its UK premiere this week ahead of previews of Robert Eggers' 'The Lighthouse', and showed on Channel 4 last night as part of Film 4's curated 2019 Film Fear Season.

Director: Dylan Holmes Williams
Producers: Sandra Spethmann, Simon Oxley and James Cross
Production Company: Great Coat Films
Editor: Jack Williams
DOP: Nick Morris
Colourist: Lewis Crossfield
Sound Design: Josh and James Shirley

Image of How Europe Stole My Mum

Nik Hindson - Channel 4: How Europe Stole My Mum


Nik’s new comedy, ‘How Europe Stole My Mum' is airing tonight, October 31st on Channel 4 at 11.05pm to coincide with the now notional Brexit deadline.

Directed by Amanda Blue and based on Kieran Hodgson’s Edinburgh nominated show, this alternative history of Brexit also stars Harry Enfield, Lisa Tarbuck and Tom Palmer. The film takes us on a comedic journey to understand how and why Brexit split the country and explain how it was that we came to be in Europe in the first instance. Read more about it on

Image of Animal Protection Still 1

Sam Rice-Edwards - World Animal Protection: Does the Life of an Animal Mean Nothing At All?


Released on World Animal Day, this moving film for World Animal Protection was directed and written by our friends Anthony Dickenson and Mark Harbour at All Mighty Pictures. They're doing great things writing and producing ethically driven films focused on animal welfare and the environment. 

Creative Director: Mark Harbour
Director and DoP: Anthony Dickenson
Creative Agency: All Mighty Pictures
Editor: Sam Rice-Edwards
Head of 3D: Michael Chapman at The Mill
Colourist: James Bamford at The Mill
Post-Production: The Mill
Music: Nils Frahm
Service Company: The Farm, Cape Town
Service Producer: Gavin McJannet


World Animal Protection


Mark Harbour @ All Mighty

Image of Paddy Power - Don\'t You Think You\'re Special

Nik Hindson - Paddy Power: Don't You Think You're Special


Featuring the legendary Jose Mourinho discussing all that is special, here's Nik Hindson's new film for Paddy Power. Director Peter Cattaneo coaxes another great performance in this amusing spot filled with numerous footballing Easter Eggs. 

Director: Peter Cattaneo
Producer: Mark Whittow-Williams
DOP: Stuart Bentley
Editor: Nik Hindson
Agency: VCCP
Producer: Simon Plant
Production Company: Academy Films


Peter Cattaneo @ Academy


Mark Whittow-Williams @ Academy

Image of Vogue - Im In Love With the World

Jack Williams - Vogue Poland: i'm in love with the world through the eyes of a girl


The stunning new film 'I'm in love with the world through the eyes of a girl' from director Sam Hiscox for Vogue Poland, edited by Jack Williams.

DOP: Harry Wheeler
Producer: Harry Flinder
Executive Producer: Susie Babchick
Editor: Jack Williams
Grade: Jason Wallis at ETC Colour
Music: Matthew Maltese


Sam Hiscox


Harry Flinder @ RSA

Image of Apparat Still 4

Gaia Borretti - Apparat's: Heroist


Check out Heroist, Matilda Finn's dark and raw new video for Apparat, cut by Gaia Borrett and Matilda Finn. 

Director: Matilda Finn
Producer: Martha McGuirk
Production Company: Stink Films
Editors: Gaia Boretti and Matilda Finn
DOP: Ben Fordesman
Production Manager: Nellie Heron-Anstead
Executive Producer: Katie Lambert
Colourist: Time Based Arts


Matilda Finn


Martha McGuirk @ Stink

Image of Adam & Nick photo

Adam Spivey & Nick Allix join The Assembly Rooms


We are extremely excited to announce that industry leading and multi-award winning editors Adam Spivey and Nick Allix are joining our incredibly talented roster here at The Assembly Rooms!

Adam Spivey, founder of The Play Room Post, has been consistently voted as one of the UK's top commercial editors throughout his twenty plus years in the business and Nick Allix is best known for his supreme archive of award-winning commercials and well over 100 music videos.

Eve explains that their joining “is pretty much my dream come true. They're both such brilliant, creative editors and the work they’re doing is some of the best out there. There's a wealth of experience between the two of them, which is showcased in their diverse and award winning showreels - they’re also two of the loveliest people I know and so will fit in perfectly at The Assembly Rooms!”

Click here for Adam's showreel

Click here for Nick's showreel