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Paddy Power 'Launch' View

Save our shirt! Check out Nik Hindson's latest for Paddy Power, that’s had the internet up in arms. Directed by Peter Cattaneo at Academy Films, this spot for the betting behemoth reveals all. The previously leaked ‘billboard style’ jersey for Huddersfield F.C, was in fact one big hoax.

Paddy Power have in fact ‘unsponsored’ Huddersfield FC in the name of preservation, granting them a logo-free kit.

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Best Editing Nomination for John Lewis at D&AD View

John Lewis has won a pencil at the prestigious D&AD Awards for 'Best Editing'! Cut by Sam Rice Edwards and directed by Seb Edwards at Academy Films, 'The Boy and the Piano’ charts the epic legacy of Elton John’s career; from stadium shows right back to where it all began.

We are also very pleased to see Pride in London's 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' picking up wins for Casting and Sound Design & Use of Music, and Sunday Times' 'Westminster Zoo' for Film Advertising.

Big congrats to all involved!

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Ecover - 'Let's Live Clean' View

Let’s live clean! In Ruth’s latest work for Ecover UK, we celebrate the pure scent of new born baby. ‘L’Eau De Bebe’ is directed by Matias & Mathias at Object & Animal, for Uncommon London.

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European Parliament 'Choose Your Future' View

Please take a look at EU Parliament ‘Choose Your Future’, directed by Fredric Planchon and edited by Sam Rice-Edwards. We all need to vote if we want to create a better world for future generations. DOP: Melodie Preel Production Company: Newland Tv Production Manager: Gemma Priggen @gemmapriggen Agency: &Co Graded by Jean Clément Soret @jeanclementsoret Post: @TheMill Sound: @750pmph

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Wrigley's Extra 'Max and Bill' View

In Eve’s latest work for Extra, we witness the impact that humble and heartfelt gestures can have.

Directed by Rattling Stick’s Pete Riski, for Energy BBDO, 'Max and Bill’ reminds us all that the small things still matter.

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Paddy Power 'Loyalty' View

Nik’s latest spot for Paddy Power is currently gaining a few column inches.

Directed by Peter Cattaneo at Academy Films, the advert takes a humorous spin on the brand's latest loyalty campaign and features Ryan Giggs’ brother Rhodri.

There’s also a few Easter eggs to spot for any repeat viewings…

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Eve Ashwell Jury President for D&AD Black Pencil Editing Award View

All of us at The Assembly Rooms believe editing is nuanced, creative, precise and central to storytelling, so after years in the wilderness we’re delighted it’s finally recognised as a standalone Black Pencil craft by @D&ADAwards.

Additionally the Jury President of the inaugural D&AD Black Pencil editing award is our very own, very talented Eve Ashwell, so we are doubly thrilled for being doubly recognised.

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Collusion 'For The Coming Age' View

Jack Williams has cut 100 vignettes for brand new fashion label Collusion’s launch campaign.

On the year of their 18th birthday, we tune in with a variety of young men and women to get their perspective on what’s important to them, holding a finger to the pulse of youth culture today.

Directed by Dan Emmerson at Somesuch.

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Guinness Hop House 13 'Sorry' View

Eve's spot for Guinness Hop House 13 is a heartfelt apology.

To the words of Brenda Lee's country-pop classic, Guinness employees seek exoneration for the superior taste of their Hop House 13 lager. In their eyes, it simply makes everything else pale in comparision.

'Sorry' was directed by Andy McLeod at Rattling Stick.

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I Am Water 'Dreaming' View

Junior editor Aideen's film for ocean conservation charity I Am Water is a poetic ode to the inseperable relationship between humans & nature.

Directed by Anthony Dickenson at All Mighty Pictures, 'Dreaming' follows the growing connection between one young woman and her local coastline.

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Hiscox 'Ever Onward' View

Nik worked closely with directing collective Another Space on these beautiful new spots for Hiscox.

Another Space, a creative studio newly signed to Academy Films, have produced celebrated collaborations with artists such as Jay Z, James Blake, Massive Attack, Coldplay and U2 and brands such as Nike, Google, Hermes, Cartier, Samsung and BMW.

Nik and Dan attended the shoot at Black Island Studios where an impressive array of light installations were constructed, designed to follow the passage of light and imitate the shape of a home.

The 'Ever Onwards' campaign, all executed in-camera, is being shown during the ad breaks for Channel 4's new home design show 'Best Laid Plans'.

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Elisa 'Stay Connected' View

Eve's new film for telecommunications company Elisa, is now on air.

In the age of digital, it's easier than ever to stay in touch with our loved ones. In spite of this luxury, one father finds it increasingly difficult to connect with his apathetic son. Until something happens, which only a parent can remedy.

'Stay Connected' was directed by Pete Riski.

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Success at this year's APA Show View

This year's APA show celebrated two pieces of comedy work edited at The Assembly Rooms.

Eve's Cbeebies film 'What We Don't See' (directed by Joshua Neale) & Nik's spot for Instrumentarium, 'Eternal Love' (directed by Pete Riski) both received diamonds for their creative excellence.

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Instrumentarium 'By The Grave' View

Parting with a pair of well-loved spectacles can be a sorrowful affair, especially by a funeral!

Nik's second film for eyewear retailer Instrumentarium, 'By The Grave', was directed by Pete Riski.

This year's APA Show also saw the first of Nik's films for Instrumentarium, 'Eternal Love', selected for screening.

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WWF 'Treasured Planet' View

Ruth’s powerful new film for WWF has just been released!

Directed by Anthony Dickenson and produced by Mark Harbour at All Mighty Pictures, the film showcases a diverse range of landscapes, wildlife and people to highlight the beauty of our planet and the important work being done to protect it.

'Treasured Planet' illustrates the different conservation work lead by WWF all across the world - from the stunning Masai Mara, where rangers work to protect different species under threat from poachers, to fishermen working with WWF to source sustainably in Scotland.

The film was superbly scored by Will Cohen and Joe Wilkinson at String and Tins. Their original composition perfectly underlines the beautiful landscapes and highlights the ever-growing need for us to protect our planet.

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Mick Jagger 'England Lost' View

David's latest music video, directed by Saam Farahmand, is for rock & roll legend Mick Jagger.

Our enigmatic lead, Luke Evans, moves with great pace from a bustling metropolis to the British coast. He is followed, but by who?

'England Lost', released alongside 'Gotta Get A Grip' marks Jaggers' induction into the world of politically charged songwriting.

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Virgin Games 'Laundrette' View

In Eve's latest ad for Virgin Games, it's laundry night for our resident vampire.

As the blood of his victims washes from his clothes, Vladimir is anything but bored. He has a world of entertainment at the tip of his undead fingers.

'Laundrette' was directed by Andy McLeod at Rattling Stick, for VCCP Blue.

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Nokia 'Bikerni' View

Eve's latest film for Nokia centers around members of The Bikerni, an all-female motorcycle community.

Founded in India in 2011, The Bikerni's mission is to empower women through the medium of motorcycling. In this short documentary, directed by Charlie Crane at Knucklehead, we hear from a selection of it's members about how the club has irrevocably changed their lives for the better.

The Bikerni is now present in almost all major cities in India.

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Virgin Games 'Newsagent' View

Eve's third film for Virgin Games is now on air.

Our nocturnal protagonist Vlad the Vampire attempts to cross the threshhold of his local off-license. The ancient laws of the undead, however, stand firmly in the way.

'Newsagent' was directed by Andy McLeod at Rattling Stick

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KFC 'Height Limit' View

The first of Nik's films for KFC, directed by Rattling Sticks' Pete Riski, has been released...

Bringing a sense of humour to what would usually be considered a very serious situation, 'Height Limit' sees two van drivers testing the capacity of a country lane tunnel.

Post was handled by The Mill.

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Instrumentarium 'Eternal Love' View

Nik's latest spot for Rattling Stick's Pete Riski reminds us that beauty is in the eye of the beholder... as long as they can see things clearly!

Produced by Directors Guild, 'Eternal Love' was created for eyewear company Instrumentarium, whose two for one offer delivers far more than one man expects.

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Virgin Games 'Vladimir' View

The first of Eve's spots for Virgin Games, directed by Rattling Stick's Andy McLeod, premiered on Boxing Day.

Vladimir is a vampire and has grown weary of the monotony of eternal life. Since joining Virgin Games, however, he's found himself a source of endless entertainment. Even the undead can live a little!

Stay tuned for the remaining films, scheduled to air in mid-2017.

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HP 'Brothers' View

Sam's new film for HP is a heartwarming tale of two brothers, brought together by their passion for music.

Despite keen interest, Rich struggles to get involved with his brother's band as he's hearing impaired. With the use of his laptop, older brother Zac creates a multi-sensory musical experience, allowing them both to jam together.

'Brothers' was directed by Seb Edwards at Academy films for AMV BBDO and shot in Vancouver. Post was handled by The Mill.

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No 7 'Ready To Speak Up' View

Nik's new film for No 7 features internationally renowned Nigerian novelist & feminist speaker Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Adichie recounts part of a TED speech she gave, highlighting her previous experience in stifling her own femininity in order to be taken seriously.

Jeff Labbe shot this beautiful film in Louisiana and uses metaphor and allegory to explore Adichie's rebirth as a woman happy within her own femininity.

The film has received huge press coverage everywhere from Vogue to the BBC and was Campaign's pick of the week.

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McDonald's 'Whispers' View

Rumours spread fast in Eve's new spot for McDonald's, which takes a look at the humble Chicken McNugget.

We meet Haydn, a food quality inspector for McDonald's who makes sure only 100% chicken breast is used in their kitchens.

'Whispers' was directed by thirtytwo at Pulse Films for Leo Burnett, as part of the 'Good To Know' campaign.

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VW 'Barry's Golden Beetle' View

Nik's touching film for VW, directed by Amanda Blue at Tantrum, tells the story of Barry's Golden Beetle.

Whether it's family outings in formative years or getting behind the wheel and learning how to drive, the car's iconic image is imprinted into memories past.

David Reviews has awarded the film a full five stars. To read the complete review, click here.

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Audi 'Going Home' View

Vid's film for Audi charts the manufacturers legacy at Le Mans, ending this year as they focus attention on Formula E Racing.

'Going Home' was directed by CD Morrish and features various Audi RS models, including the R8 Spyder & TT RS Coupé, converging on tarmac to the sound of a Simon & Garfunkel classic.

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Kent 'We Are Forever' View

David's second music video for Swedish rock band Kent has been released.

'We Are Forever' was directed by Indio's Joanna Nordahl, shot near Stockholm and tips it's hat to cult classics such as The Goonies & Gummo, with some charming choregraphy thrown in for good measure.

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BBC Radio 3 'Matthew Herbert' View

In one of David's recent films for BBC Radio 3, we witness composer-producer Matthew Herbert destroying a string quartet...but with an expressed purpose!

The film is a 30 second version of Herbert's 30-minute piece, 'Requiem' in which classical instruments gradually degrade until samples of their destruction become the music itself.

'You used to need instruments to play music' says Herbert, 'but now you can play anything. It's like the shift in art from using pencil and paper to using a video camera'.

You can watch the remaining two films here, all directed by Chris Cairns at Partizan:

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SSE 'Neon House' View

In Nik's new film for SSE, we're reaquainated with Maya the orangutan and introduced to the latest member of the SSE family, Pixel.

Directed by Conkerco and shot by Ben Magahy in Blythe Hill Fields, 'Neon House' explains why SSE provides the most comprehensive boiler cover available.

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Ikea 'Welcome Home' View

Lighting can lift our mood and transform our surroundings. Sam's new film for IKEA's 'Wonderful Everyday' campaign looks at one boy's efforts to brighten up his mother's journey home from work, guiding her back safe from harm.

'Welcome Home' was shot in East London, directed by Frederic Planchon & produced by Medb Riordan at Academy Films.

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Duchenne UK 'World's Strongest Boys' View

Vid's powerful film for Duchenne UK pays homage to the remarkable fortitude of young boys living with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Those suffering from the currently incurable muscle-wasting disease rarely live past their twenties, but their inner strength is inspirational.

'World's Strongest Boy's' was directed by George Belfield at Somesuch and has been broadcast during the Rio Paralympic Games coverage.

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Sainsbury's 'Paralympic Games' View

David's films for Sainsbury's, directed by Tubby Brothers, take a look at two particular athletes in this year's Paralympic Games.

Here we have Ellie Simmonds, gold medal winning British swimmer, who defends her title later this week in the 100 & 400m S6 freestyle.

Click here to watch the film on Jonnie Peacock, who successfully defended his T44 100m title last week.

Sainsbury's is one of the official partners of this year's Paralympic Games, held in Rio.

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Tom Chaplin 'Quicksand' View

Ed's promo for Tom Chaplin, directed by Mike Baldwin, has been released.

Mike's crew fought through severe weather conditions on the day, with the basketball sequence completely ad-libbed at the last moment.

'Quicksand' is the first single from Tom's new album 'The Wave!', due for release on 14th October this year

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G-Star Raw 'What Is Raw?' View

Vid's film for G-Star RAW's AW16 collection stars Pharrell Williams, co-owner and 'Head of Imagination' for the brand.

What is RAW? To answer this question, we take a look at G-Star's team of craftsmen in their natural environment, giving credence to the brand's ethos of 'equality and team effort'.

G-Star RAW 'What is RAW?' was directed by Sing J Lee at Partizan.

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Kent 'Den Vänstra Stranden' View

David's video for Swedish band Kent has been released. Directed by Joanna Nordahl at Stockholm based Indio Film and shot in Paris, 'Den Vänstra Stranden' (The Left Bank) is the fourth track on the band's farewell album 'Then as Now for Ever'.

Given's Joanna's close working relationship with the band, we were given license to cut up the track, allowing for the inclusion of an enigmatic dream sequence part way through proceedings.

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Birdy 'Words' View

Birdy and Bison have collaborated to create a visually striking promo, cut by Edward, for the British singer’s new single ‘Words’.

Produced by Good Egg the dreamy video sees Birdy wandering through a dilapidated greenhouse, a dark forest and a menagerie of neglected rooms covered in candles amidst a kaleidoscope of colours and mist.

Take a moment and listen to her amazing voice.

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Sainsbury's Bank View

Joe’s new film for Sainsbury’s Bank was directed by James Lawes, who elicits a great natural performance in this commercial from Bare Films.

The Said-Gaze family liken their holiday preperation to that of a military operation. Thankfully, travel money is no longer an inconvenience with the help of Sainsbury's Bank.

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Motherhood 'Between Man & Child' View

Coming up in the ranks is junior editor Joan Gill Amorim, who has cut this beautiful experimental film for director Natasja Fourie.

Fourie notes that 'Motherhood is an experimental film exploring the representation of the mother figure as both a sexual being and a lifeline for her child' and that in the film she wanted to 'challenge long-held stereotypes and sentimental views of motherhood by looking at the body and the identity of the mother'.

'Motherhood' was commisioned by Nowness, was highlighted as one of their 'Most Loved' videos and has over 100,000 views on Facebook.

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Biffy Clyro 'Animal Style' View

Biffy Clyro are back with ‘Animal Style’ - the second video to be taken from their album 'Ellipsis'. Cut by Vid and directed by Tim Mattia, the promo is a beautiful black and white take on a classic rock performance piece.

Biffy are known for their frenzied, energetic performances and this is no exception. The calm, stylish set-up quickly escalates to a breakneck pace...with few instruments making it out alive!

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Chanel View

Ruth’s latest collaboration with Chanel and Jacob Sutton captures the sense of freedom and invigorating attitude of the illustrious perfumer’s Allure Homme Sport fragrance.

‘Skate’ is part of a new campaign for Chanel which celebrates the modern athletic man. Produced by Céline Quideau at Psycho, the film follows model and pro-skateboarder Adam Crigler as he tears across a beautiful mountainscape overlooking a stunning ocean vista.

Sit back and enjoy the view.

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EU Referendum View

The EU Referendum is the hot topic of the moment. However, a lot of people won’t have voted in a referendum before so Ruth has cut this film, directed by Nadia at Academy Films, to help inform the public of the facts amid the media circus surrounding the vote.

Created by MullenLowe the TV spot and online film have been designed to promote a guide sent out to 28 million households by The Electoral Commission. The film centres around a pink neon sign designed to make sure people know the facts and don’t miss their chance to vote in this historic event.

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Sunoco 'The Essence of Racing' View

David's spot for Sunoco features six-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson in front of an orchestra, conducting the distinct sights & sounds of stock car racing.

'The Essence of Racing' was shot in black and white by Chris Cairns at Partizan. David and Chris worked closely with String and Tins to build the all-important sound design around the edit.

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Barclaycard 'Nation of Shoppers' View

Nik's spot for Barclaycard celebrates their 50th anniversary by looking at all the little transactions that keep us ticking over in Great Britain.

Whether it's broomsticks or designer dog coats, we're a nation that knows what it needs.

'Nation of Shoppers' was directed by Peter Cattaneo at Academy Films, with post handled by Finish and sound design by Grand Central.

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We've Moved! View

We are extremely happy to announce that we’ve moved!

Our new home is a beautiful Georgian townhouse in the middle of Soho at 58 Frith Street.

You’ll find the same homely feel and dedicated team, but in a bigger grander setting, with 7 large edit suites spread across five floors.

Apologies for any inconvenience whilst we get ourselves settled. Please feel free to pop by whenever you're passing, we can't wait to show you around! 

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Klyne 'Don't Stop' View

Ruth's latest music video for Dutch electro outfit Klyne has premiered on i-D's website.

Directed and choreographed by Holly Blakey, 'Don't Stop' is a sexually-charged glance into a otherworldly power struggle between a woman and her voyuer, all expressed in the medium of interpretive dance.

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Jake Bugg 'Love, Hope & Misery' View

Jake Bugg’s back working with Michael Holyk in a new video cut by Edward Cooper.

Since directing Jake’s debut promo, Michael and Jake have repeatedly shot together over the years and they’ve reunited again for ‘Love, Hope & Misery’. The video was inspired by Bill Withers’ performance of 'Ain't No Sunshine' on the iconic BBC show ‘The Old Grey Whistle Test’ back in 1972.

Produced by Academy and shot on 16mm Michael kept it handheld for a raw, classic feeling. It’s a beautiful video for a beautiful song. Have a listen.

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RBS 'Action Boy' View

Nik's commercial for RBS concerns the charming and familiar story of a boy's obsession with his favourite superhero.

The film features 'Blue Hawk', a bespoke-made action figure designed by directors Conkerco. For the purposes of authenticity, a whole range of merchandise was also designed around this key figurine, from posters to pyjamas. 

'Action Boy' created for Edinburgh's The Leith Agency and lit by Ben Magahy in Glasgow.

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Creative Circle Win, AICE Nominations & D&AD Success View

This year's Creative Circle Awards has seen a Silver win for Sam's Mumsnet 'Ellee Mae' in the Best Editing category, along with another Silver in 'Best Online Advertising Film 60"+'. Mumsnet is also a finalist in the 'Digital Content' & 'Docu-style' categories at this year's AICE Awards.

In other trophy news, The Assembly Rooms has won a pencil at this year's D&AD Professional Awards, the results of which will be released on May 19th.

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'Hot Property' Premiere View

Joe's feature film premieres later this week at the LOCO Film Festival.

Hot Property will close proceedings at Picturehouse Central on 1st May, 6:30pm, and is followed by a Q&A with director Max McGill & star MyAnna Buring.

The film was produced by good friend of The Assembly Rooms, Campbell Beaton.

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Tom Odell 'Magnetised' View

Emotions run high in Vid's sequel for Tom Odell's 'Wrong Crowd', directed by George Belfield at Somesuch.

Amongst stunning scenery and periodic flashbacks, 'Magnetised' puts the pieces of the puzzle together, glancing at Tom's struggle with a femme fatale.

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Tom Odell 'Wrong Crowd' View

Vid's latest promo is for the title track of Tom Odell's new album, due for release on June 10th.

Directed by George Belfield, 'Wrong Crowd' was shot in South Africa and is Part 1 of 2. Keep your eyes peeled for the second instalment, coming soon.

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Tincup Whiskey 'Cowboy' View

Joe's film for Tincup Whiskey has been released.

Director Luke Forsythe and his crew accompanied Tincup founder Jess Graber as he roadtripped to various locations in search of the perfect bourbon.

For after all, in his own words, 'life is too short to drink bad whiskey'.

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McDonald's 'We Are Awake' View

Vid's new film for McDonald's reminds customers of the 600 stores across the UK that are open 24 hours a day.

Directed by Jake Mavity, 'We Are Awake' features nocturnal vignettes of human activity from dusk until dawn, laid against a tender version of 'Rhythm Of The Night' featuring the vocals of Hattie Webb.

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Caritas International 'Keys Of Hope' View

Eve's film for Caritas International, released five years on from the start of the Syrian Civil War, serves as a poignant reminder of the suffering endured by Syrian refugees.

4.5 million Syrians have left their homes and lives behind. Many of them hold on to their keys, a symbol of their hope to one day return to their homes and unlock their doors.

Caritas' 'Keys Of Hope' campaign urges for donation in the name of human solidarity. To find out more, please follow the link below:

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Eve On Panel At First Ever CraftWorks View

Eve has been selected to speak at the inaugaural CraftWorks event, held at The Courthouse Hotel.

Headed up by Jason Stone of David Reviews, CraftWorks is a brand new bi-monthly discussion & exhibition of recent work, hearing from a selection of leading professionals within the industry.

Eve will be talking alongside Mark Jenkinson (Rogue Films) Lee Pavey (Electric Theatre) & Will Cohen (String & Tins).

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Jake Bugg 'Gimme The Love' View

Ed's new promo is for Jake Bugg's latest single 'Gimme The Love', featuring a mix of dance, artist performance and various dramatic vignettes. 

Directed by Michael Holyk, a long-time collaborator with Bugg, 'Gimme The Love' is taken from the forthcoming album 'On My One', due for release on June 17th.

Image of Belstaff_S3

Belstaff 'Falling Up' View

Simon's film for Belstaff, starring brand ambassador Liv Tyler, is now live.

'Falling Up', directed by Niall O' Brien at Academy Films, sees Tyler following in the footsteps of Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

Tyler models her capsule collection, inspired by Earhart, who was dressed by Belstaff in the 1920s.

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Dog's Trust 'That Special Someone' View

Eve's heart-warming new spot for Dogs Trust has now been launched.

With the growing trend in purchasing new dogs online, there has been a decline in the number of people adopting rescue dogs.

'That Special Someone', directed by Pete Riski, takes a look at those quiet heroes changing the lives of those that are sometimes forgotten.

Image of PrincesTrust_S4

Shortlisted at The British Arrows View

Sam's film for The Prince's Trust has been shortlsted in three categories at this year's British Arrows Awards!

'Learn The Hard Way', directed by Seb Edwards at Academy Films made the final selection for Best Charity Film, Best 60-90 Second Cinema Commercial and Best Public Service Advertisement.

In other news, this year's Music+Sound Awards has seen Sam's spot for the Department of Transport shortlisted for Best Audio Mix in a Commercial. 'Lights' was mixed by Sam, Bill Robin-Fuller & Sam Ashwell at 750mph.

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Nimmo 'Unyoung' View

The youth team are coming up through the ranks at The Assembly Rooms! Our junior editor, Edward Cooper, has just cut a great promo for Nimmo's new track 'Unyoung' with director Michael Holyk at Academy Films.

With it's trippy macro visuals and improvised set ups, the video explores twenty-something anxiety. In Michael's words "visualising the heaviness and irrationality of constantly being at war with one’s thoughts".

We think Edward is a real talent and definitely one to keep an eye on in 2016.

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Richmond 'Lost Toy' View

Losing a toy can be an upsetting ordeal for both parents and their children. David's latest film for Richmond follows the real story of the Wright family and their daughter Emily.

Emily's love for her teddy bear is so infectious that family life wouldn't be the same without it. With the help of the Richmond Toy Tracking Chip, her cuddly friend is never misplaced.

'Lost Toys' was directed by Wilkins & Maguire at Stink.

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Smyths 'That Perfect Toy Feeling' View

David's ad for Smyths celebrates that feeling when you've found the perfect toy. The all singing all dancing commercial features a selection of 2015's best toys, including the likes of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Minions and of course, characters from Star Wars. 

'That Perfect Toy Feeling' was directed by Chris Cairns at Partizan and features 'We Go Together' from the 1971 cult classic, Grease.

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RFU 'Balls To Stereotypes' View

'Balls To Stereotypes', cut by Simon and directed by Niall O'Brien at Academy Films, breaks the preconceived idea of 'rugby players' by following a varied group of amatuer participants on their commute to their local clubs.

The Rugby Football Union (RFU) launched in the wake of the 2015 Rugby World Cup to attract new players to the game, irrespective of background or ability.

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McLaren - New Ground View

Vid's film for Stink director Chris Morrish witnesses the awesome power of the McLaren Sports Series.

'The Game Changed' was shot in Spain in the Tabernas Desert, with a helicopter capturing the aerial shots of the vast, majestic landscape.

The beautiful grade and seamless VFX were by Paul Harrison and Jason Watts at Finish.

Image of DoveMothersDay_S1_Darker3

LIA 2015 winners View

Films by Kat, Nik & Sam have picked up a variety of awards at this year's London International Awards.

Dove, 'A Mother's Body' excelled, picking up a Silver Award in Editing for Kat & Nik who worked together on Amanda Blue's beautiful, emotive film. It also won a Bronze Award in Cinematography for regular DOP collaborator Ian Murray.

Sam's film for SSE 'Maya' won the Grand LIA award for Production & Post-production. His spot for The Prince's Trust also won two Silver Awards, one in Directing for Seb Edwards and one in the Public Service/Social Welfare category.

Congratulations to everyone involved for all their creativity and hard work.

Image of Dels_Burning_Beaches_1

MVA win for Dels 'Burning Beaches' View

Last night's UK Music Video Awards saw Vid's promo for Dels win Best Budget Urban Video, fending off stiff competition from promos for the likes of A$AP Rocky & Run The Jewels. 'Burning Beaches' was directed by Us at Academy Films.

This year's shortlist also saw a nomination for David's Years & Years 'King' in the Best UK Pop Video category.

Image of Eve_1

Welcome Eve! View

We're extremely excited to announce that Eve Ashwell has joined The Assembly Rooms as editor and partner.

Eve has become one of the industry's top editors in both the UK and the US, regularly cutting for directors such as Pete Riski, Danny Kleinman, Noam Murro, Charlie Crane and Finn McGough.

Recent work includes Ikea, VW, Axe, Coca Cola and McDonald’s, as well as a beautiful and emotive new spot for Wrigley’s.

To take a look at these and more of Eve's work, you can find her showreel here.

Welcome to the team Eve, can’t wait to get started!

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Rosie Lowe 'Worry Bout Us' View

Hypnotic piano and a bucket-load of soul greets us in Rosie Lowe's latest single 'Worried Bout Us', produced by Machinedrum.

The video, in all of it's warped and distorted glory, was cut by Vid and directed by Bison at Academy.

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Clio Win For Mumsnet View

Mumsnet takes home a bronze award for editing in the 'Film Technique' category at this year's Clio awards, held annually in New York.

The film recounts a genuine emergency call made by a child and features real home footage of the family concerned.

'999 For Kids' was cut by Sam & directed by Frederic Planchon at Academy Films.

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Paris Opera View

Ruth's film for director Jacob Sutton sees a collaboration with the Paris Opera and renowned choreographer Benjamin Millepied. 

Dancers soar up from beneath the stage at Bastille, onto the resplendent interior of the Grand Foyer and finally to the roof of the Palais Garnier.

'Ascension' is scored by Jon Hopkins.

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McCoys 'Go Bold' View

McCoys latest campaign urges men to rip up the rulebook on masculinity and unleash their inner popstar.

'Go Bold' was cut by David, shot by director-duo JONES and features a particularly impassioned performance of Ella Henderson's chart topping track 'Ghost'.

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Pizza Hut View

Pizza Hut's latest campaign encourages customers to do away with formalities and have a more casual dining experience...

'Taste Freedom' was directed by Chris Cairns at Partizan, cut by David Stevens and premiered during the general release of Jurassic World in cinemas.

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Persil 'Breakdancing Girl' View

Breakdancing prodigy B Girl Terra busts a move in David's latest ad for Persil.

The UK born star, who recently performed at Glastonbury festival, is seen dancing outside in a playground and getting dirty in the process.

'Breakdancing Girl' was directed by Nadia at Academy Films and runs as part of Persil's 'Dirt Is Good' campaign.

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3Mobile 'Portal' View

Vid's latest ad for 3 Mobile has been released, outlining the benefits of the 3+ mobile application.

Customers can experience unrivalled access to sports events, festival experiences and cinema ticket discounts.

'Portal' was directed by Bison at Academy Films.

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Years & Years 'Shine' View

Released today is 'Communion', the debut album from electronica-trio Years & Years.

The video for their fifth single, 'Shine', sees the band in an isolated woodland cabin enduring the presence of a supernatural force.

'Shine' was cut by Simon. It has debuted in the Big Top 40 Chart at number two.

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Cannes Success View

This year's Cannes Lions spelled success for several campaigns worked on here at The Assembly Rooms.

Amonst those awarded were Viktoria Modesta's 'Prototype', which won Silver in the 'Branded Content & Enterntainment' category, SSE 'Maya' which won Bronze & Silver in Animation and Visual Effects respectively, along with Mumsnet 'Elliemae' which won Bronze in the 'Film/Public Awareness Messages' category.

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Foals 'What Went Down' View

'What Went Down' is the ferocious new track from Foals' upcoming fourth studio album of the same name, due for release this summer.

The video features a performance from the band, alongside intense visuals of a sadistic swim chase and a slow-motion dog attack.

'What Went Down' was shot on 16mm film, cut by Simon and directed by Niall O'Brien at Academy Films.

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Breast Cancer Now 'The Last One' View

By 2050, no woman should die of breast cancer.

This is the target set by Breast Cancer Now, a charity formed by the merger of Breast Cancer Campaign & Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Their latest campaign 'The Last One', cut by David and directed by Wilkins & Maguire at Stink, is an interwoven series of heartrending statements from real women affected by the disease.

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Canon 'Come and See' View

As part of Canon's 'Come & See' campaign, Simon has cut a film following urban climbers making their epic ascent to the apex of the JW Marriot in Dubai - the world's tallest hotel.

'Urban Climbers' was directed by Niall O'Brien through Academy Films for JWT London.

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eHarmony - Hairdryer View

Is the dating game a load of hot air?

Simon's spot for eHarmony explains why the online dating website's tailored match criteria might be the solution.

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Creative Circle Success View

This year's Creative Circle Awards saw success for a variety of films cut at The Assembly Rooms.

SSE 'Maya', The Sunday Times 'Icons' and The Prince's Trust 'Personal Statement' all bagged themselves awards.

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Rosie Lowe 'How'd You Like It?' View

Reflective yarn is commonly used in cycling clothing for the purposes of night-time visibility. Vid's latest promo for Rosie Lowe's single 'How'd You Like It?', directed by Us at Academy+ sees the material used in a more experimental fashion. 

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Interpol 'My Desire' View

A dingy, crimson-lit dive bar is the setting for 'My Desire', Interpol's latest single from their acclaimed new album El Pintor. 

Cut by Vid and directed by Markus Lundqvist, the video stars actor Frank Grillo as a troubled man with a steadily flailing grip upon reality.

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Andy C View

Take a look at David's promo for drum and bass pioneer Andy C, directed by Wilkins & Maguire at Stink.

Shot in Indonesia (and beautifully too,) 'Heartbeat Loud' follows a day in the life of two fearless child jockeys.

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Persol Meets The Hazan Motorworks View

This is the first of Vid's films for the brand new 'Persol Meets' series, celebrating the obsessive consideration that goes into crafting something special.

We get an insider's view into the Brooklyn-based Hazan Motorworks, whose beautiful handmade motorcycles are a sight to behold.

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I Am Invictus View

Simon has just finished this spot for the Invictus Games, directed by Niall O'Brien at Academy for BBH Sport.

The Invictus Games, held in London between 14th-18th September, is an international sporting event for wounded, injured and sick Servicemen and women.

Find out more by following the link below:

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Scottish Referendum View

David's latest film for the Electoral Commision concerns one of the issues of the day.

This scenic spot for the Scottish Referendum promotes the use of the DLKW Lowe designed 'Voting Guide'.

Sent to every Scottish household, the guide contains an impartial 'how-to' for voting.

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ESPN nominated at Clio's View

Simon's animated spot for the ESPN NBA finals has been shortlisted at the Clio Sports awards.

Directed by Richard Swarbrick @ Hotspur and Argyle, the moving art piece beautifully illustrates the highlights of the ESPN NBA finals 2014.

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Rae Morris 'Cold' View

David's third video for the wonderful Rae Morris has now been released.

Once again directed by Nadia @ Academy+, 'Cold' features the vocals of acclaimed London-based artist Fryars.

Military-inspired choreography shapes the emotional battle between our two protagonists, as their feelings turn cold.

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Dove 'A Mother's Body' View

Kat & Nik's film for Dove, directed by Amanda Blue through Tantrum, gets it's UK release this weekend in celebration of Mother's Day 2015.

Featuring the words of English poet Hollie McNish, the commercial reflects upon the true beauty of a mother's body, building upon the success of Dove's 'Real Beauty' campaign.

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Editing Silver for Kiss View

Sam picked up an editing silver at Creative Circle for Kiss. The beautiful film, directed by Frederic Planchon, picked up two more golds that night as well as three silvers and a bronze at The British Arrows!

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Adidas Imagination View

Simon has just finished cutting this Adidas Commercial for Niall O'Brien at Academy. The film, featuring Suarez, Mata and a host of other Premiership footballers, gives us an insight into the drive and attention to detail needed to succeed.

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Mr X View

Tattoos mark you for life. No one knows this better than Duncan X, the renowned tattoo artist based at the 'Into You' parlour in Clerkenwell.

The short film, edited by David and directed by Alex Nicholson at Rogue, weaves a journey between Duncan's life and his inked skin.

Mr X has enjoyed much success, picking up awards for Best New Director & Best Short at the Sydney Film Festival along with 'Best Black & White Doc' in Toronto. 

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Rae Morris - Skin View

David's recent promo, directed by Nadia at Academy, for Blackpool-raised singer-songwriter Rae Morris has been chosen as a Vimeo 'Staff Pick'.

Marbled bodies and striking portrait shots are complemented by Rae Morris's emotive, idiosyncratic vocals. An artist on the rise (heavily featuring in the new Bombay Bicycle Club release set for early Feb), Rae's album is out later this year!

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Glance View

Check out Nik's latest film for Conkerco at Academy. Glance tells a beautiful tale of possibility between two would-be lovers.

It's so far been officially selected for the Newport Beach, Sonoma International, Peace On Earth and British Independant Film Festivals.

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Labrinth 'Let It Be' View

Check out Vid's slick new promo for singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Labrinth.

Directed by Us at Academy, the video utilises motion control to chart the journey of making a record, from concept to a single space!

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Chase & Status View

Ruth's promo for Chase & Status, directed by Josh Cole, has been released.

'Alive' follows a young man's harsh pilgrimage back to his Native American roots, with the view of embracing his ancestry. The coming of age tale was shot in the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montana.

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MVA, Le Book & Cannes wins for Rudimental View

Rudimental video 'Not Giving In', edited by David Stevens, has won the San Francisco Le Book connexions Moving Image Jury Prize.

This follows a win at the MVAs for 'Best Dance Video' (where David was also nominated for 'Best Editing') and a win at Cannes in the European Music Video category, where director Josh Cole also won the coveted 'Young Director Award'.

Based on the life story of 2006 B-Boy champion Ereson ‘Mouse’ Catipon, the film is a coming-of-age tale of two brothers in the slums of Manila living parallel lives with very different consequences. 

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Cadbury 'Madbury' View

Everyone is going ‘mad’ in Nik’s new film for Cadbury!

The confectionary brand has launched a month-long campaign ‘Go madbury for Cadbury’, to get fans to create their own Dairy Milk bar.

We peer into a block of London flats as everyone experiments with ideas for the new flavour.

Directed by Conkerco at Academy Films.

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Fairy 'Learning to Hug' View

Launched ahead of Father's Day is Nik's new film for Fairy Non-Bio directed by Amanda Blue at Tantrum.

'Learning To Hug' illustrates how easy it is to lose the natural physical bond with our children as they grow older.

The real-life story of Stephen and his son Ben, serves as a reminder of how important a simple hug can be.


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Paddy Power 'Vive La Bantz' View

Nik's new spot for Paddy Power premiered during last weekend's Champions League final.

In it we join a lively crowd of spirited Scots (including a few famous faces) in the misty Highlands, as they jovially sing about their failure to qualify for Euro 2016, taking place later this year.

Directed by Peter Cattaneo at Academy Films, 'Vive La Bantz' was created for Lucky Generals, with post handled by ETC and audio composed by Adelphi Music.

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Kate & Cara for Burberry View

Nik's new launch film for My Burberry has created a lot of press because of the 2 main protagonists.

The campaign brings together two of fashion's most high profile faces, Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne, to launch Burberry's new fragrance.

Directed by legendary photographer Mario Testino, the playful ad is set to Jeff Beck's version of "I Put A Spell On You" featuring Joss Stone.

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Bastille 'Wild World' Teaser View

Vid has cut a teaser for indie/rock band Bastille's forthcoming sophmore album 'Wild World'.

The mysterious 60" trailer, directed by Bison at Good Egg, sees a woman plummetting in slow-motion towards a crowd of concerned onlookers. 

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Sky Box Sets 'Addictively Good' View

Vid Price, Vaughan Arnell & Idris Elba have reunited for Sky’s latest campaign, reminding us of the very familiar struggle when you really should go to bed but absolutely need to watch another episode of your favourite boxset.

Playing on the change in public appetite for back-to-back viewing, the film (created by Brothers and Sisters and produced by Moxie) presents us with David. As he’s about to put down the remote at the end of an episode the voice of temptation, in the form of Idris, chimes in.

Have a watch (before cracking on with Game of Thrones…)

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Cbeebies 'What We Don't See' View

Eve's charming new film for Cbeebies asks a diverse group of children a simple question...what makes them different from their friends?

A series of disarming answers follow as we're reminded of the unique, inclusive perspective that children take on what separates them from their peers.

'What We Don't See' was directed by Joshua Neale at Smuggler.

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Dove Wins at Kinsale View

Dove 'A Mother's Body' has won a silver award at this year's Kinsale Shark Awards to add to prior success at both Cannes and the New York Festivals World's Advertising Awards, in which the film won bronze awards.

Cut by Kat and Nik and directed by Amanda Blue at Tantrum, 'A Mother's Body' features the evocative words of English poet Hollie McNish and paints a beautiful portrait of the day-to-day tasks of a real-life mother.

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Gold for Monoprix at Cannes Lions View

Eve's film for Monoprix has won big at this year's Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity!

'Label of Love', directed by Pulse Films' thirtytwo, picked up the prestigious Gold Entertainment Lion for it's artful portrayal of a young man's heartwarming use of Monoprix's iconic packaging to court his childhood sweetheart.

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Oxfam 'We Won't Live With Poverty' View

In the last fifteen years, extreme poverty has been halved. In the next fifteen, it could be gone for good.

David's film for Oxfam uses real voices of those fighting poverty in some of the world's most deprived areas, alongside voices of UK citizens, to rally the global population into making this dream a reality.

'We Won't Live With Poverty' was directed by Wilkins and Maguire at Stink.

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Tinie Tempah 'Mamacita' View

Be instantly transported to sunny South America with Tinie Tempah’s new video for ‘Mamacita’, cut by Simon.

The track is a hot collaboration with Wizkid, directed by Familia’s Craig Moore and shot with stunning visuals down in the Dominican Republic.

Cruising through the streets in a convertible, Tinie’s video gives us plenty of latin vibes in this summer hit from his forthcoming album ‘Youth’.

Simon & Craig's first video for Tinie Tempah, 'Girls Like', now has almost 100 million views on YouTube.

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Elton John 'A Good Heart' View

Elton’s back after an 11 year absence from his videos with the uplifting new single ‘A Good Heart’, edited by David and directed by Black Dog’s Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen.

Simple and understated, the video sees Elton's trademark grand piano played against a black backdrop whilst scenes of lovers, families and friends intertwine and converge, underscoring the power and joy of love in all it's forms.

Have a watch.

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Hepatitis C 'Are You Chris?' View

Nik's powerful new film for Hepatitis C Awareness has been released.

We follow 'Chris' who, whilst walking home through the city, is haunted by a raft of memories from his youth in which he potentially could have exposed himself to Hepatitis C. The risks of contraction are varied, ranging from blood transfusion to a barber's contaminated razor. 

'Are you Chris?' was directed by Conkerco at Academy Films, with post handled by Framestore.

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KFC's Football Fans View

Nik's just finished this charming spot directed by Peter Cattaneo for KFC through BBH.

Two boys set out to watch a local football derby, each accompanied by one of their parents. They sit in opposing sides of the stadium cheering their teams on...

Peter Cattaneo has achieved an beautifully authentic vision of grass roots football by shooting during a real Stirling Albion v Dunfermline Athletic match. The two boys were street cast from the local supporters.

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Jorja Smith 'On My Mind' View

Ed's latest promo for Jorja Smith sees a collaboration with garage/grime producer Preditah on an up-beat soulful 2-step number.

As the camera pans around the room, we see some familiar faces amongst Jorja's friends. They are, of course, the Kurupt FM boys!

'On My Mind' was directed by Pulse Films' Hector Dockrill.

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The Devil Went Down To Islington View

The teaser is out for Nik's first feature, the comedy horror film "The Devil Went Down To Islington."

Starring Spenser Brown and James Lance, the film also features a host of comic actors such as Michael Smiley, Mark Benton & Ronni Ancona. It tells the Faustian tale of an underachieving music teacher and his untrustworthy colleague who unwittingly sell their souls to the Devil for three days' good fortune.

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Nissan GT-R 'Embrace The Myth' View

Vid's film for the new Nissan GT-R, directed by Chris Morrish at Stink, is a celebration of rule-breaking in the name of performance.

'Embrace The Myth' takes a look at iconic turning points in the development of the GT-R, by recreating key scenes in it's remarkable history.

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Take That 'Get Ready For It' View

'Get Ready For It' by Take That, the official track for upcoming action-spy film Kingsman: The Secret Service, has been released.

Cut by Vid and directed by Vaughan Arnell, 'Get Ready For It' sees a suited and booted band performance alongside clips from the feature film, which is released in the UK on 29th January.

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MK 'Always' View

David's most recent promo for the Route 94 remix of MK’s iconic track ‘Always’ ft. Alana, has been released.

The film, directed by Courtney Phillips at Generator, documents the daily hustle of the notorious W.A.F.F.L.E street dance crew, who perform incredible acrobatic stunts on the New York Subway in front of unsuspecting members of the public.

Image of FGW_60Sec_BEACH

First Great Western View

Simon's ad for First Great Western, directed by Niall O'Brien at Academy, has been released.

The picturesque piece pays tribute to the beauty of train travel, encouraging the public to explore the West Country this summer.

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British Arrows nominations for Sunday Times View

David's Sunday Times 'Icons' spot continues its success with four nominations at this years British Arrows Craft Awards.

These nominations follow a Bronze award at this year's Cannes Lions.

Congratulations were also in order for the 'Us' boys, who were included in the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors' Showcase, going on to win a Gold Award for 'Best European Broadcast Advert' in the YDA's.

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BBC 'If You Love Something Let It Show' View

Vid's new film for the BBC reminds us to let our love be known on iPlayer by clicking the heart button on our favourite programmes.

'If You Love Something Let It Show', featuring the voice of Rae Morris and the words of The Beatles, was directed by Vaughan Arnell.

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Bombardier View

Celebrate St George’s day with some good old fashioned English silliness care of Bombardier's new ad that Joe cut for director Cris Mudge. Produced by Gwilym Gwillim at Kream with creative by Sam Cartmell this sets Bombardier in a new direction and features the always excellent comic talents of Bob Mortimer. Cheers!!

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Official selection at Cannes for Whitney View

Sam Rice-Edwards joined Oscar-winner Kevin Macdonald for the world premiere of “Whitney” at the Cannes Film Festival. This is the fruit of a year’s intense editing, with unprecedented access to unreleased recordings and unseen footage. The film, which tells the story of the enigma behind the legendary voice, also won Best Documentary Feature Film at the 2018 Edinburgh International Film Festival.

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Mumsnet '999 For Kids' View

Sam's film for Mumsnet, directed by Frederic Planchon through Academy Films, is a moving recount of a genuine emergency call made by a young child.

Using real home footage of the concerned family, '999 For Kids' urges parents to teach their children an important skill - dialling 999.

Image of Pride

Pride In London 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' View

Ed Cooper’s new film is for Pride in London.

Set to a remake of the classic song Somewhere Over the Rainbow, ‘Pride Matters’ depicts modern adversities such as hate crime and online bullying. But with the lyric, ‘dreams really do come true,’ the ad shifts to a hopeful tone to show individuals living out and proud, painting a moving portrait of defiance.

Image of Mix_AAM_Green_Keeper_60_6

Scottish Open View

Nik has just finished 2 beautiful films for the sponsors of the Scottish Open, Aberdeen Asset Management.

Directed by Conkerco, the films tell of the exacting preparation followed by a Caddy and a Greenkeeper at Royal Aberdeen golf course.

Dougray Scott's simple poetic voice narrates the 2 early morning tales alongside Lennart Busch's elegant score.

Watch Greenkeeper here:

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Vid Price View

We are delighted to announce that Vid Price has joined The Assembly Rooms.

Having worked on a wealth of music videos and commercials, Vid has built up a reputation as one of the industry’s most creative editors.

He's cut promos for the likes of George Michael, Jessie J, Ed Sheeran & Bastille and received nominations for best video editing at the UKMVA's in '09,'10,'11 and '13.

Vid has also worked on commercials for clients such as Sky, Nike and the BBC and has just completed an amazing series of work for Persol.

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Ray BLK 'Patience' View

Ed's latest promo for BBC Sound of 2017 winner and MOBO nominee Ray BLK, has been released.

'Patience', directed by Pulse Films' Hector Dockrill, is an ode to forbearance in an age of fleeting fame & viral celebrity.

Shot in South London, Dockrill's third collaboration with Ray BLK utilises steadicam to ebb and flow through the daily happenings of a South London hair salon.


The Brunchers View

After premiering at the LA Short Film Festival last year 'The Brunchers', edited by Joe and directed by Matt Winn, has just been given a special jury recognition award at Aspen Shortsfest 2014.

It has also been accepted to The Hamptons and Cinequest festivals. Starring Natalie Dormer, Tom Burke & Rufus Sewell, the film takes a satirical look at the capital's latest obsession - pop-up food joints.

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DELS 'Burning Beaches' View

Hot off the press is Vid's new promo for burgeoning hip hop artist DELS.

Directed by Us @ Academy, 'Burning Beaches' is the second single from sophomore album Petals Have Fallen, which falls on November 3rd.

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British Airways 'High Tea' View

Getting back in touch with nature can be a rewarding experience.

Vid's picturesque piece for British Airways, directed by CD Morrish, follows a father and son on their expedition to a spectucular location within the UK.

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Honda Film4 Idents View

Nik's just finished working on three sets of Film 4 Idents for Honda, shot by Jeff Labbe.

In this film, Honda's Asimo Robot takes a break from his busy schedule to watch a movie, as 'progress takes a break'.

The other films follow similar stories as both Honda factory workers and Honda researchers each take a break.

You can watch them here and here.

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Rob Bravery's Debut Single View

The eerie flickerings of Rob Bravery's promo for debut single 'Knock Out Ginger', directed by Nadia at Academy, have made their way out of the woods.

Cut by David and shot on a 16mm Bolex camera, 'Knock Out Ginger' is the first single from Rob's new album, 'Esque', due for release in early 2015.

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WWF 'Elephant Eye' View

Ruth's compelling new film for WWF UK's Christmas campaign takes a hard-hitting look at the devastating impact of the illegal ivory trade. Over 50 elephants a day are killed as a result of it's prevalence. Signing up to WWF will help to protect wildlife at risk.

'Elephant Eye' was directed by Anthony Dickenson & produced by Mark Harbour at All Mighty Pictures.

Superb CGI & VFX courtesy of Time Based Arts, sound design by String and Tins and music by Max Richter.

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BMW 'The Road To Twickenham' View

Our journey begins on a dark country road and finishes in full view of the mighty Twickenham Stadium.

'The Road To Twickenham', cut by Vid and directed by CD Morrish, celebrates BMW's ongoing partnership with England Rugby.

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Cadbury 'Mum's Birthday' View

'Mum’s Birthday', cut by Sam, is a touching story of a little girl's plan to do something special for her mother. Gritty reality meets imagination.

It is the first of two films shot for Cadbury and VCCP by Frederic Planchon @ Academy.

David Reviews has awarded 'Mum's Birthday' a five star rating.

Image of Army_prayer

Army 'Prayer' View

Sam’s film ‘Prayer’ is one of five spots for The British Army’s latest recruitment campaign. With the support of his comrades, a Muslim soldier is able to practice his faith whilst deployed.

‘This Is Belonging‘ builds on last year’s message: all recruits are welcome and supported in the Army.

‘Prayer’ was directed by Frederic Planchon and produced by Medb Riordan at Academy Films.

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Rosie Lowe 'Who's That Girl?' View

Draped in a delicate veil is London-based singer-songwriter Rosie Lowe, performing her latest single in the midst of a mesmerising cheoreograped light show.

'Who's That Girl?' was directed by Bison and edited by Vid Price.

Image of army_voice

Army 'Voice' View

‘Voice’, cut by Sam and Eve, is another one of five spots for The British Army’s latest recruitment campaign. This gripping film depicts a solider on the field communicating with her fellow companions, sending the message of ‘being heard'.

‘This Is Belonging‘ builds on last year’s message: all recruits are welcome and supported in the Army.

‘Voice’ was directed by Si & Ad and produced by Medb Riordan at Academy Films.

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Jorja Smith 'Let Me Down' View

Ed’s latest promo for songstress Jorja Smith, featuring grime artist Stormzy, is a James Bond-esque tale of love and murder; a graceful yet haunting watch.

This soulful, relatable ballad hears the duo signing about the emotional hardship in a relationship.

“Let Me Down” was directed by Pulse Films’ Hector Dockrill and saw no.1 in the Official You Tube Trending Chart last week and currently remains in the hottest trends.

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Wrigley's wins YouTube Ad of the Year View

Eve's advert for Wrigley's has a serious amount of feels. Or at least the YouTube community thinks so, having voted it the most emotive advert of the year.

'The Story of Sarah & Juan' was directed by Pete Riski and features Haley Reinhart's cover of Elvis' ballad 'I Can't Help Falling In Love With You'.

The ad now has over 75 million hits online.

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Head 'Camp Motivator' View

Just in time for this year's Winter Olympics comes David's ad for Head, directed by Jones.

'Camp Motivator' takes us to the Dutch company's headquarters, where elite althletes embark on the search to find their 'limit'.

Fun fact: Franz Klammer, who stars in this spot, won gold in the 1976 Winter Olympics!

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WWF - Will Young 'What The World Needs Now' View

Vid's stunning film for WWF, featuring Will Young's cover of David & Bacharach's iconic 'What The World Needs Now Is Love', serves as a reminder of the beauty of our planet's wildlife and our ever-growing responsibility to conserve it. Since 1970, the global wildlife population has declined by over 50%, leaving many animals on the verge of extinction.

The charity-ad-come-music-video was directed by Anthony Dickenson. To find out more, including how to donate to WWF, follow the link below.

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Sky Go 'Mix & Match' View

The inimitable Idris Elba stars in Vid's new films for Sky Go, a service that lets you access your favourite Sky TV shows on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or laptop.

'Mix and Match' was directed by Vaughan Arnell through Moxie Pictures.

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Recognition at British Arrows View

This year's British Arrow Awards saw success for films cut by two of our editors, Matt Chodan and David Stevens.

Matt's Oral B Toothpaste 'Merry Bleeping Christmas' won a Silver Arrow in the Household Soaps, Detergents and Toiletries category.

David's Sunday Times 'Icons' nabbed a Gold Arrow in the Newspapers, Magazines and Music Category and a Silver Arrow for Best Over 30 And Up To 60 Second TV Commercial

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Persil UNICEF 'India' View

In 2015, Persil teamed up with Unicef to kickstart their 'Learning for Tomorrow' initiative, giving 10 million children access to quality education.

Nik's film, directed by Amanda Blue at Tantrum, follows one such story in India. Despite having never received formal education herself, a mother is able to send her daughter to school for the first time.

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Messiah View

In modern day East London, Jesus Christ emerges from a shipping container, groggy-eyed and ready to bestow some miracles upon the common man. Unfortunately, the general public aren't quite as responsive as they used to be.

'Messiah' is Ruth's latest short film for director Anthony Dickenson, following the comical trials and tribulations of a contemporary Prince of Peace.

David Reviews has given the short film 5 stars. To read their full review, click here.

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Great Ormond Street 'Ordinary World' View

In Eve's new film for Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), normal everyday family activities are reimagined as a series of fantastic adventures.

'Ordinary World', directed by Rattling Stick's Andy McLeod, reminds us that the magic of daily life is something that we all take for granted. For the children of Great Ormond Street Hospital, merely returning to normal life feels like a dream come true.

GOSH's campaign is voiced by actor Olivia Coleman. To find out more about the charity and it's work, click here.

Image of ITV01

ITV 'Television' View

Featuring some of the key turning points in the history of British television, Edward Cooper's latest work for ITV directed by Academy Films' Billy Boyd Cape, is narrated by the inimitable Sir Trevor McDonald.

Looking back at ITV’s broadcasting legacy, we are reminded that what we see on our screens is simply more than television; it can be a force for good.

’Television’ was created by Uncommon London, with post handled by The Mill.

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Ray BLK 'Patience' wins at UKMVAs View

This year's UK Music Video Awards (MVAs) saw a win for Ed's Ray BLK promo 'Patience'.

Directed by Hector Dockrill at Pulse Films, 'Patience' picked up the award for Best Urban Video, beating promos for the likes of Rag'n'Bone Man, Loyle Carner & Sampha.

Pulse Films were also crowned winners of the inaugural 'Best Production Company' award, new for 2017.

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Rosie Lowe 'Woman' View

David's new promo for Rosie Lowe's single 'Woman' is a striking and conceptual take on gender stereotype and body image.

Lowe has noted on social media that the working with Academy Films director Nadia Marquard Otzen was a collaborate process that allowed her to 'challenge female expectation exploring themes of disengagement from a true self' whilst also 'playing with ideas of disguise, a dressed self verses an undressed self'.

Lowe's debut album 'Control' is due for release on February 19th.

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BT 'Song' View

BT ‘Song’, cut by Sam Rice-Edwards, is a cleverly constructed spot set to the tune of New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’. The film follows a woman as she makes her way across the busy city. Directed by duo thirtytwo at Pulse Films.

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Paddy Power 'VAR' View

Just released, Eve Ashwell's commercial for Paddy Power gets David Reviews' ‘Pick of the Day.’ The ad brings a humorous and fun twist to how life might be if the revealing, yet brutally truthful VAR Assist was also in force off the pitch!   

Directed by Andy McLeod at Rattling Stick.

Image of Mumsnet_S5_Cropped

Five Shortlist Nominations at Creative Circle View

This year's Creative Circle shortlist has seen five nominations for The Assembly Rooms in a variety of categories.

Sam's film for Mumsnet has been shortlisted for Best Editing. 'Ellee Mae' follows the incredible story of a young girl's 999 call that saves her mother's life.

Mumsnet also picked up a nomination for Best Social Networking, with SSE 'Pier' shortlisted for Best Animation & Best FX/CGI and Wrigley's for Best Casting.