Gaia Borretti  Zalando: We Will Hug Again

Against the backdrop of a challenging year of uncertainty and separation, human connection has never felt more important. From director […]

Against the backdrop of a challenging year of uncertainty and separation, human connection has never felt more important. From director Vincent Haycock and editor Gaia Borretti, “We Will Hug Again”, seeks to convey the feeling of optimism and hope across Europe and the rest of the globe. Director: Vincent Haycock Editor: Gaia Borretti Edit Producer: Eppie Bowler Production Company: BWGTBLD GmbH⁣⁣ DOP: Nicolai Niermann Water DOP: Daren Vinson Crawford EP: Jakob Preischl Producer: Rayk VFX: bEpic Colorist: Simon Bourne / Framestore Music: Frank Ocean

Zalando – We Will Hug Again
Vincent Haycock
Rayk Hawlitscheck @ BWGTBLD GMBH