Disney Plus  Remembering

Joan Gill Amorim

Rediscover childhood and bring the World of Imagination into your own living room with Remembering, starring Brie Larson and edited by Joan Gill Amorim.

Directed and Written by: Elijah Allan-Blitz

Editor: Joan Gill Amorim

Edit Producer: Eppie Bowler & Phoebe Armstrong Beaver

Executive Producers: Jason Baum & Justin Springer

Producers: Elijah Allan-Blitz & Brie Larson

DOP: Dominick Estarella

Music: Sunna Wehrmeijer

Virtual Production Technology Services: NantStudios

Visual Effects and Virtual Production: Magnopus

Visual Effects: Crafty Apes VFX

Colour & Finish: Bryan Smaller @ Company 3