Ronaldinho: The Happiest Man in the World

Andrew Cross’s extraordinary feature length documentary gives us a glimpse into the life and talent of world class footballer Ronaldinho - a player so good, you could only smile. Out now exclusively on Fifa+.

Director: The Douglas Brothers

Editor: Andrew Cross

Additional Editors: Sam Rice-Edwards & Nik Hindson

Edit Assistants: André Rodrigues, Nauan Barros, Eugene Risdon & Jake Kelly

Producer: Bernie Goldmann @ Los Angeles Media Fund

Post Production Supervisor: Lucy Glyn

DOP: Ben Chads

Grade & Post-Production: Raised By Wolves

Sound Design & Mixing: Grand Central Recording Studios

Newark Newark

Nik Hindson and Edward Cooper's new comedy TV series, 'Newark Newark', premieres over the next 3 nights on UK Gold through Now TV.

Created by Nathan Foad and directed by Amanda Blue, it tells the story of an eccentric small town family and stars Morgana Robinson, Matthew Horne and Beverley Callard. The reviews are out and they are glowing!
“A rare working class comedy that doesn’t punch down."
“...this bawdy new comedy fills a Gavin and Stacey shaped hole.”
"Newark Newark really is so good they named it twice." 

“Fresh. Funny. Four Stars”

Savannah Film Festival

A massive congratulations to our very own Joan Gill-Amorim for winning ‘Best Editing’ at this years SCAD Savannah Film Festival for ‘Uprooted: The Journey Of Jazz Dance’.

Ronaldinho: The Happiest Man In The World

Take a first glimpse of the brand new feature documentary from The Douglas Brothers and our very own Andrew Cross, looking at the extraordinary life and talent of Ronaldinho - a player so good you could only smile. Out very soon.

Director: The Douglas Brothers

Editors: Andrew Cross & Nik Hindson

Edit Producer: Daniel Breheny

Edit Assistant: Nauan Barros + Andre Rodrigues

Production Company: Los Angeles Media Fund (LAMF)

Producer: Bernhard Goldmann

Post Production Supervisor: Lucy Glyn

DOP: Ben Chads

Grade + Post-Production: Raised by Wolves

Douglas Brothers
Bernie Goldmann @ LAMF

Uprooted - The Journey Of Jazz Dance

We’re so proud of our editor Joan Gill Amorim who has been working away for the past year on an exciting new feature length documentary! We can finally give you a sneak peak of ‘Uprooted - The Journey of Jazz Dance’, directed by Khadifa Wong. The film follows the lineage of Jazz dance and the deep communication it has carried into today’s society, as well it’s onward journey into the future. The film is making its debut at the 2020 Dance on camera festival on July 19th.

Director: Khadifa Wong

Editor: Joan Gill Amorim

Edit Producer: Eppie Bowler

First Edit Assistant: Maria George

Edit Assistants: Marnie Clark + Anna Hyde

Produced by: Lisa Donmall-Reeve

Co Creator: Zak Nemorin

DOP: Matt Simpkins

Joan Gill Amorim - 'Uprooted - The Journey Of Jazz Dance'
Khadifa Wong

Nik Hindson - Channel 4: How Europe Stole My Mum

If you didn't manage to watch Nik Hindson's cut of How Europe Stole My Mum on TV, be sure to catch it over on All 4.

'fresh, charming and funny' - The Guardian

'the Brexit comedy we've been waiting for' - The Evening Standard

Director: Amanda Blue
Producer: Spencer Millman
Editor: Nik Hindson

Life in a Day 2020: Official Trailer

“Life In A Day”, directed by Kevin MacDonald, produced by Ridley Scott and edited at The Assembly Rooms by Sam Rice-Edwards, Mdhamiri Á Nkemi + Nse Asuquo, premieres at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival tonight with a global Youtube release following, on the 6th of February. “Life in a Day is the Everest of editing. 13,000 HOURS (!) of rushes. 50 different frame rates. 60 assistant editors! It’s a beautiful film about human connection and I think it might end up being seen as the defining documentary about the extraordinary year we have just lived through.” – Kevin MacDonald. “Essential viewing. Watch this film and become a better person” – Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review, BBC 5

Director: Kevin MacDonald

Editor: Sam Rice-Edwards, Mdhamiri Á Nkemi + Nse Asuquo

Edit Producer: Daniel Breheny

First Assistant Editor: Marnie Clark + John Weeks

Second Assistant Editor: Jake Kennedy + Jena Cheung

Production Company: RSA Films + Flying Object

Executive Producers: Ridley Scott + Kai-Lu Hsiung

Producers: Jack Arbuthnott + Tim Partridge

Post Production Producer: Char Dean

Sound: Boom

Post: Dirty Looks

Life in a Day 2020 – Official Trailer
Kevin MacDonald
Jack Arbuthnott @ RSA Films