Quaker Oats - You've Got This

Editor: Eve Ashwell
Director: Charlotte Wells
Production company: MJZ
Producer: Ewen Brown
Edit producer: Phoebe Armstrong-Beaver

Small Selkie

Director: Matilda Harding Kemp
Writter and producer: Nina Georgieff

Frank Carter - Self Love

Editor: Amanda Marie-Rose
Director: Ruth Hunduma
Production company: Common People Films
Producer: Erin Sullivan
Edit producer: Taise Kerr

The Gentleman - Netflix

Nick Allix teams up with directors Eran Creevy and David Caffrey on two episodes of The Gentleman, a series adapted from Guy Ritchies film of the same name.

Starring: Theo James, Kaya Scodelario, Daniel Ings, Vinnie Jones, Ray Winstone & Giancarlo Esposito.

Episode 5 -

Director: Eran Creevy

Producer: Laura Jackson

Executive Producer: Will Gould

Editor: Nick Allix

Episode 8 -

Director: David Caffrey

Executive producer: Will Gould

Co-Editor: Nick Allix


EA Sports - Team Of The Year

Director: Edward Cooper
Director: Taz Tron Delix
Production company: Kode Media
Producer: James Cross
Edit producer: Daniel Breheny

Ella Eyre & Tiggs Da Author - Head In The Ground

Editor: Eden Read
Director: Dora Paphides
Production company: Kode Media
Producer: Lily Roberts
Edit producer: Taise Kerr

Cadbury - Birthday

Editor: Nik Hindson
Director: Frédéric Planchon &
Production company: Academy
Producer: Jacob Swan Hyam
Edit producer: Daniel Breheny

Tinder - It Starts With A Swipe

Editor: Jack Williams
Director: Jamie Whitby
Production company: Agile Films
Producer: Lozzy Osbourne
Edit producer: Phoebe Armstrong-Beaver

TikTok - It Starts On TikTok

Editor: Eve Ashwell

Director: Tom Speers

Production company: Smuggler

Producer: Tarquin Glass

Edit producer: Phoebe Armstrong-Beaver



Romy - She's On My Mind

Editor: Tamara Ishida
Director: Vic Lentaigne
Production company: MrMr Films
Producer: Nycollas Abreu
Executive producer: Katie Lambert & Martha McGuirk
Edit producer: Taise Kerr