‘MADE IN ENGLAND’ transports us to the factory floor of Dr. Martens England, lending an insight into the artisanal expertise of those who craft the world’s most iconic boots.

Director: Margot Bowman

Editor: Lainy Black & Tamara Ishida

Edit Producer: Joshua Gochez

Production Company: Pretty Bird

Executive Producer: Jack Howard, Juliette Larthe & Paulette Caletti

Producer: Daisy Bambridge & Benji Landman

DOP: Annika Summerson

Sound: Noia Gisela

Colour: Electric Colour

Adidas - No More Red

'No More Red' highlights those doing important work in local communities to end youth violence and knife crime.

Director: Luke Brookner

Editor: Edward Cooper

Edit Producer: Joshua Gochez

Production Company: Sticker Studios

Executive Producer: Harleymoon Kemp

Producer: Jordi Estapé

DOP: Tristan Chenais

Colour: Alex Gregory

Sound: The Hogan

Little Simz - NO THANK YOU

Gabriel Moses collaborates with Joseph Taylor on this powerful album film for Little Simz's 'NO THANK YOU'.

Director: Gabriel Moses

Editor: Joseph Taylor

Edit Producer: Joshua Gochez

Assistant Editors: Eden Read & Rob Mcguire

Executive Producer: Jules de Chateleux

Producer: Alice Wills @ Division Global

Colour: John Lowe

Sound: Joseph Taylor

VFX: Studio Private

Vogue x Aria Shahrokhshahi

Aria Shahrokhshahi tells the incredible stories of Iranian women to raise awareness about what the people of Iran are facing, edited by Lainy Black.

Director: Vogue x Aria Shahrokhshahi

Editor: Lainy Black

Edit Producer: Phoebe Armstrong-Beaver

Production Company: Object & Animal

Vogue’s Director of Creative Production: Minnie Carver

Vogue’s Producer: Georgina Butz

Producer: Kate Duncan

DOP: Kai Nguyen

Colour: Jason Wallis

Online: Chris Banks

Sound: Jack Foster

Berwyn - Path to Satisfaction

Joseph Taylor teams up with director, LOOSE, for Berwyn's single 'Path to Satisfaction'.

Director: LOOSE

Editor: Joseph Taylor

Edit Producer: Joshua Gochez

Assistant Editor: Tamara Ishida

Production Company: Stink

Producer: Theo Williams

DOP: Konrad Losch

Colour: Alex Gregory @ No.8

Sound: Kasi Foster


The Bluetits are an all-female community of cold-water swimmers across the UK and beyond. Academy's Katie Burdon meets the founding swimmers in her heart-warming and inspiring short documentary, edited by Edward Cooper. Watch the trailer here!

Director: Katie Burdon

Editor: Edward Cooper

Executive Producer: Medb Riordan & Simon Cooper

Producer: Cara Mills @ Academy

DoP: Laura Seward


Colour: Karol Cybulski

Sound: Lucas Trigg @ 750 MPH

Humanrace x Adidas

Joseph Taylor brings us a fierce and powerful edit for Pharrell's Humanrace X Adidas campaign.

Director: Gabriel Moses

Editor/ Composer: Joseph Taylor

Edit Producer: Phoebe Armstrong-Beaver

Assistant Editor: Bruna Sorgini & Amanda Marie-Rose

Production Company: Concrete

Creative Direction: Edward Robinson & Jonny Lu

Sound Mix: Hugo Ellingham

DOP: Jake Gabbay

Grade: John Lowe

Flannels - The Party Never Stops

The party never stops with Lainy Black! Director C Prinz teams up with Lainy on this style extravaganza for Flannels.

Director: C Prinz

Editor: Lainy Black

Edit Producer: Daniel Breheny

Assistant Editor: Tamara Ishida

Production Company: Object & Animal

Producer: Alex Chamberlain

Music: Biig Piig


Sarah opens up to her new team mate, Keisha, about self harming, taking her first step towards healing and sealing their friendship at the same time.

Director: Kate Cox

Editor: Nick Allix

Edit Producer: Phoebe Armstrong-Beaver

Production Company: HunkyDory & BFI

Executive Producer: John Doris & Aaliah Simpson

Producer: Ailsa Vanessa Tapping

DOP: Amelia Hazlerigg

VFX: Brian Carbin

Sound: James Feltham & Kirstie Howell

Colour: Toby Tomkins @ Cheat

Stormzy - Firebabe

Edem Wornoo teamed up with Joseph Taylor on Stormzy's single 'Firebabe', giving nostalgia, self-reflection and feels.

Director: Edem Wornoo

Editor: Joseph Taylor

Edit Producer: Joshua Gochez

Assistant Editor/Online: Rob McGuire

Production Company: Ground Work & Mouthpiece

Executive Producer: Aaron Z. Willson

Producer: Mel Giles @ Ground Work

Production Manager: Anna Butler @ Ground Work

DOP: Jeremy Valender

Colour: ntcolour

VFX: Harry Davidson