Dermot Kennedy - Better Days

‘Better days are coming’ with Jack Williams latest edit for director Paul Gore, for artist Dermot Kennedy.


Director: Paul Gore
Edit Producer: Josh Gochez
Production Company: Iconoclast

Jack Williams - A Cold Wall: AW21

Feast your eyes on Jack Williams’s latest edit for A Cold Wall’s 2021 Autumn/Winter collection. A revolutionary digital experience, directed by Will Dohrn.

Director: Will Dohrn

Editor: Jack Williams

Edit Producer: Daniel Breheny

Production Company: Karla Otto

Art Director: Samuel Ross

DOP: Spike Morris

Color: Ollie Whitworth / Electric Theatre Collective

Grade: Connor Coolbear⁠ / Electric Theatre Collective

VFX: Harry Davidson

A Cold Wall - AW21
Will Dohrn
Tom Greenwood @ Karla Otto

Nightmares on Wax

Come on a hazy and trippy Thursday adventure with Jack Williams and Edward Coopers’s latest collaboration on Smokers Delight. A short film commissioned by Warp Records for the 25th anniversary of the seminal album by Nightmares on Wax. This UKMVA 2020 shortlisted nominee was also crowned as Vimeo's 'pick of the day' today - check it out above! •

Director: Jamie Whitby
Editors: Jack Williams & Edward Cooper
Edit Producer: Daniel Breheny
Production Company: Agile Films
Executive Producers: Hayley Williams, Kazim Rashid, East End Studios, Nightmares on Wax, Myles Payne, James Burton
Producer: Scarlett Barcley
DOP: Spike Morris
Colourist: Alex Gregory / The Mill London
Sound: Seb Bruen / Aumeta Studios
VFX: Agile Studio•

Nightmares On Wax - Smokers Delight
Jamie Whitby
Scarlett Barclay

Volkswagen: Keep Growing

Check out Jack Williams latest edit for Volkswagen, an exploration of memory, childhood and place. 'Being alone is not the same as being lonely.' Director: Max Luz

Editor: Jack Williams

Edit Producer: Daniel Breheny

Production Company: Object & Animal

Executive Producer: Dom Thomas

DOP: Benjamin Loeb

Grade: Thomas Mangham / The Mill

Sound: Factory Studios

Volkswagen - Keep Growing
Max Luz
Dom Thomas @ Object & Animal

Vogue Italia: Melting For You

Director: Stella Asia Consonni Producer: Gianni Felice @ Object & Animal

Vogue Italia: Melting For You

The environmental threat of fast fashion is highlighted in Jack Williams latest edit for Stella Asia Consonni and Vogue Italia. The message is clear, something that seems insignificant can have a huge impact. We owe it to our planet and future generations to take action.

Director: Stella Asia Consonni

Editor: Jack Williams

Edit Producer: Dan Breheny

Production Company: Object And Animal

Executive Producer: Justin Benoniel + Millie Yoxen

Production Producer: Gianni Felice

DOP: Jordan Hall

Sound: Eagle Blakk

Grade: Tim Smith / CHEAT

Vogue Italia - Melting for You
Stella Asia Consonni
Gianni Felice @ Object & Animal

Bombay Bicycle Club: Racing Stripes

Take a trip to an icy winter wonderland with Jack Williams' latest cut for Bombay Bicycle Club. Shot over the beautiful mountains of Norway, ‘Racing Stripes’ is the new video and third single from their latest record ‘Everything Has Gone Wrong’.

Director: Louis Bhose

Editor: Jack Williams

Edit Producer: Dan Brehany

Production Company: Agile Films

Production Producer: Hayley Williams


Music: Bombay Bicycle Club

Colour: Jack McGinity / Cheat

Louis Bhose
Hayley Williams @ Agile Films

National Trust: 125 Years

Escape your manic Monday with David Reviews’ latest pick of the day ‘125 years’ for the National Trust. Cut by Jack Williams, this compelling ode to stillness is an effective reminder of why protecting such natural environments is so crucially important.

Director: Anthony Dickenson

Editor: Jack Williams

Production Company: All Mighty Pictures

Executive Producer: Mark Harbour

Agency Producer: Rose Fairley

Creative Director: Flo Heiss

Creative: Derek Man Lui / Harry Ingrams

Post Production: Joe Gutteridge / Time based arts

Sound Designer: Joe Wilkinson / String and tins

National Trust - Anthem Film
Anthony Dickinson
Mark Harbour @ All Mighty Pictures

Jack Williams - EDEN: Love Death Distraction

Here's some stills from Jack Williams edit for Eden's LOVE DEATH DISTRACTION. A beautiful film of a planes last journey through Kazakhstan.

Director: Zhang + Knight
Editor: Jack Williams
Production Company: Friend
Executive Producer: Luke Tierney
Producer: Callum Harrison
DOP: Ruben Woodin Deschamps
Colour: Daniel de Vue @ a52 Color
VFX: YSF Studio

EDEN - love, death, distraction
Zhang + Knight
Callum Harrison @ FRIEND

Adidas Skateboarding X Transworld Skate

Except from Adidas Skateboarding X Transworld Skate film ‘3rd Base’, directed by Thomas Ormonde and edited by Jack Williams.

Check out the full film on


Director: Thomas Ormonde

Production: Ground Work

DOP: Spike Morris

Skate Videographer: Hidenori Tanaka

Editor: Jack Williams

Music: Daniel Lovegrove

Colourist: Thomas Mangham

Post Production: Carl Norton @ The Mill

Sound Design: TieFace

Illustration: Dan Evans

Maisie Peters: Psycho

You can run but you can’t hide in Jack Williams’s latest team up with director Louis Bhose for artist Maisie Peters to bring you ‘Psycho’, a track co-written by Ed Sheeran. Swipe for a collection of stills!

Director: Louis Bhose

Editor: Jack Williams

Edit Producer: Joshua Gochez

Production Company: Agile Films

Executive Producer: Precious Mahaga

Producer: Frankie Willcock

DOP: Sam Meyer

Colour: Matthieu Toullet / MPC

Louis Bhose
Frankie Willcock @ Agile Films