O2 Priority - Only O2

Editor: Sam Rice Edwards
Director: 32
Production Company: Anonymous Content
Producer: George Saunders
Edit producer: Daniel Breheny

Heineken - For A Fresher World

Heineken - For A Fresher World

Editor: Sam Rice Edwards
Director: Frederic Planchon
Producer: Dulcie Kellett
Edit Producer: Daniel Breheny

ITV World Cup 2022

Director, Glenn Kitson celebrates the history, past and present of the ITV World Cup to kick off the 2022 games, edited by our very own Sam Rice-Edwards.

Director: Glenn Kitson

Editor: Sam Rice-Edwards

Assistant Editor: Tamara Ishida

Edit Producer: Dan Breheny

Producer: Gloria Bowman @ Iconoclast

DOP: Eoin McLoughlin

Sound: Killer Crab Men

Grade: Electric Theatre Collective

Animation: Will Murphy & Oliver Murphy

Art & Set Design: Bobbie Cousins

Moncler FW22 - Higher Peaks

Outerwear brand Moncler takes us to higher peaks in this spot for their FW22 collection, edited by Sam Rice-Edwards and directed by Amber Grace Johnson.

Director: Amber Grace Johnson

Editor: Sam Rice-Edwards

Edit Producer: Phoebe Armstrong-Beaver

Edit Assistant: Tamara Ishida & Bruna Manfredi

Executive Producers: Dom Thomas & Laura Hegarty @ Object & Animal

Producer: Ella Toal-Gangar

DOP: Simon Chaudoir

Colour: Peter Oppersdorff

Music: 2WEI

VFX: Guy Lubin @ MPC

ITV - The Break Through

Britain Get Talking’s ‘The Break Through’ is Sam Rice-Edward’s latest edit for directors 32, which encourages adults to take time to tackle the ongoing mental health crisis within teens.

Directors: 32

Editor: Sam Rice-Edwards

Edit Producer: Phoebe Armstrong-Beaver

Producer: George Saunders

Production Company: Anonymous Content

DOP: David Faulkes

Post: Time-Based Arts

BBC - This Is Our BBC

Andrew Cross and Jack Williams have joined forces to create an editing masterpiece in “This is our BBC”. Made entirely from clips found in the BBC archive, the film celebrates the Beeb as an institution that belongs to us all. “This is our BBC" is also the directorial debut of our very own Sam Rice-Edwards! The whole team looked at over a quarter of a million clips in order to achieve this epic endeavour.

Director: Sam Rice-Edwards
Co-Director: Seb Edwards
Production Company: Academy Films
Exec Producer: Medb Riordan
Producer: Shirley O'Connor
Editors: Andrew Cross + Jack Williams
Edit Assistant: Bruna Manfredi
Edit Producer: Daniel Breheny
Creative Director: Rachel Miles + Chris Vernon
Creative: Michael Tsim
Producer: Rachel Roberts
Post: Time Based Arts
Sound Design: Mark Hills
Flame Lead: Jamie Crofts
Colourist: Lewis Crossfield