Bridge - BBC

Editor: Joan Gill-Amorim
Director: Tara Aghdashloo
Written by: Gemma Barnett
Script by: Gemma Barnett & Tara Aghdashloo
Production company: Kusini Productions
Producer: Nina Georgieff &  Catherine White
Edit producer: Phoebe Armstrong-Beaver

Disney Plus - Remembering

Rediscover childhood and bring the World of Imagination into your own living room with Remembering, starring Brie Larson and edited by Joan Gill Amorim.

Directed and Written by: Elijah Allan-Blitz

Editor: Joan Gill Amorim

Edit Producer: Eppie Bowler & Phoebe Armstrong Beaver

Executive Producers: Jason Baum & Justin Springer

Producers: Elijah Allan-Blitz & Brie Larson

DOP: Dominick Estarella

Music: Sunna Wehrmeijer

Virtual Production Technology Services: NantStudios

Visual Effects and Virtual Production: Magnopus

Visual Effects: Crafty Apes VFX

Colour & Finish: Bryan Smaller @ Company 3