Havana Club x Faces + Places

Editor: Lainy Black
Director: Ciesay-San
Production company: Racket Studio
Producer: India Lee

M&S - AW 2023

Editor: Lainy Black
Director: Tom Craig
Production company: The Production Factory
Producer: Natalie Reid
Edit producer: Phoebe Armstrong-Beaver



GirlvsCancer - ‘Ava's Film'

Editor: Lainy Black
Director: Sophia Ray
Production company: Academy Films
Producer: Georgina Smith
Edit producer: Daniel Breheny

Jorja Smith - Falling or Flying

Jorja Smith - Falling or Flying

Editor: Lainy Black
Director: Jorja Smith
Production company: Stink Films
Producer: Lana Salfiti
Edit producers: Phoebe Armstrong-Beaver & Taise Kerr



Places + Faces x Havana Club UK ft Headie One

Places + Faces x Havana Club UK ft Headie One

Editor: Lainy Black
Director: Ciesay-San
Producer: Kitty Wordsworth

Speakers Corner Quartet - Can We Do This

Lainy Black teams up with director Akinola Davies Jr on Speakers Corner Quartet's poignant new single "Can We Do this", featuring Sampha.

Director: Akinola Davies Jr

Editor: Lainy Black

Edit Producer: Phoebe Armstrong-Beaver & Joshua Gochez

Production Company: Red Clay Pictures & Iconoclast TV

Executive Producer: Nick Hayes & Lana Salfiti

Producer: Lauren Mills

DOP: Kai Nguyen

Sound: CJ Mirra

Colour: Jason Wallis @ Electric Theatre Collective

VFX: Cream Projects


‘MADE IN ENGLAND’ transports us to the factory floor of Dr. Martens England, lending an insight into the artisanal expertise of those who craft the world’s most iconic boots.

Director: Margot Bowman

Editor: Lainy Black & Tamara Ishida

Edit Producer: Joshua Gochez

Production Company: Pretty Bird

Executive Producer: Jack Howard, Juliette Larthe & Paulette Caletti

Producer: Daisy Bambridge & Benji Landman

DOP: Annika Summerson

Sound: Noia Gisela

Colour: Electric Colour

Vogue x Aria Shahrokhshahi

Aria Shahrokhshahi tells the incredible stories of Iranian women to raise awareness about what the people of Iran are facing, edited by Lainy Black.

Director: Vogue x Aria Shahrokhshahi

Editor: Lainy Black

Edit Producer: Phoebe Armstrong-Beaver

Production Company: Object & Animal

Vogue’s Director of Creative Production: Minnie Carver

Vogue’s Producer: Georgina Butz

Producer: Kate Duncan

DOP: Kai Nguyen

Colour: Jason Wallis

Online: Chris Banks

Sound: Jack Foster

Flannels - The Party Never Stops

The party never stops with Lainy Black! Director C Prinz teams up with Lainy on this style extravaganza for Flannels.

Director: C Prinz

Editor: Lainy Black

Edit Producer: Daniel Breheny

Assistant Editor: Tamara Ishida

Production Company: Object & Animal

Producer: Alex Chamberlain

Music: Biig Piig

Words We Don’t Say

Director Ella Ezeike's stunning short film 'Words We Don't Say', edited by Lainy Black, explores the complexities between a father and daughter relationship; the nuances, the vulnerability, and that which remains unsaid.

Director & Writer: Ella Ezeike

Editor: Lainy Black

Edit Producer: Joshua Gochez

Edit Assistant: Amanda Marie-Rose, Bruna Manfredi & Tamara Ishida

DOP: Jaime Ackroyd

Executive Producer: Akinola Davies Jnr

Producer: India Lee @ Racket Studio

Sound Design: Joseph Taylor

Composition: Matt Maltese & cktrl

Colourist: Jason Wallis & ETC