Arsenal - Global Gooners

Editor: Tamara Ishida
Director - Katie Lambert
Producer - Rosie Brear @ MrMr Films
Production Company: Stink Films
EP: Jon Chads
Japan Service - Y's Tokyo
Japan Producer - Daisuke Yoshizawa
DOP - Asumi Sako
Edit producer: Taise Kerr

Lava La Rue - Starface's Descent

Editor: Tamara Ishida
Directors: Lavaland TV & Claryn Chong
Producer: Poppy Ashton
Production Company: MrMr Films
Edit producer: Taise Kerr
DOP: Ailsa Aikoa
Grade: Caroline Morin
Animation: Alice Bloomfield

Romy - She's On My Mind

Editor: Tamara Ishida
Director: Vic Lentaigne
Production company: MrMr Films
Producer: Nycollas Abreu
Executive producer: Katie Lambert & Martha McGuirk
Edit producer: Taise Kerr


‘MADE IN ENGLAND’ transports us to the factory floor of Dr. Martens England, lending an insight into the artisanal expertise of those who craft the world’s most iconic boots.

Director: Margot Bowman

Editor: Lainy Black & Tamara Ishida

Edit Producer: Joshua Gochez

Production Company: Pretty Bird

Executive Producer: Jack Howard, Juliette Larthe & Paulette Caletti

Producer: Daisy Bambridge & Benji Landman

DOP: Annika Summerson

Sound: Noia Gisela

Colour: Electric Colour

Nakhane - Tell Me Your Politik ft. Moonchild Sanelly & Nile Rodgers

Artist and director, Nakhane, explores the intersection of politics and the erotic in 'Tell Me Your Politik', edited by Tamara Ishida.

Director: Nakhane

Editor: Tamara Ishida

Edit Producer: Joshua Gochez

Executive Producers: Martha McGuirk & Katie Lambert @ MrMr Films

Producer: Asia Ahmed

DOP: Charlie Herranz

Grade: Vanya Tomova

Coca Cola x Isamaya Ffrench

How do you describe the taste of Coke Zero in zero words? Isamaya Ffrench shows us one way in her collaboration with Coca-Cola, directed by Machine Operated and edited by Tamara Ishida.

Directors: Machine Operated

Editor: Tamara Ishida

Edit Producer: Joshua Gochez

Producer: Anna Saltmarsh

DOP: Jake Hunter @ United Talent

Grade: Connor Coolbear @ Electric Theatre Collective

VFX: Joel Geddes

Sound: Sean Kim & Max Frith @ ineedsound