Skoda: Robots

A tale of two robots (and one car)! Here's ‘Robots’, edited by Sam Rice-Edwards and directed by Frederic Planchon, for Skoda’s Enyaq iV.

Director: Frederic Planchon

Editor: Sam Rice-Edwards

Edit Producer: Daniel Breheny

Edit Assistant: Andre Rodrigues

Production Company: Academy Films

Executive Producer: Simon Cooper

Producer: Lucy Gossage

Agency: Fallon

Post: Jason Watts & Harin Hirani / Freefolk Studios

Sound: Ben Leeves & Luke Isom / Jungle Studios

Colour: Paul Harrison

Cadbury: Bus

Cadbury – Bus

Frederic Planchon

Ash Lockmun @ Academy

BUPA: Is It Normal?

Check out Adam Spiveys’ latest cut for BUPA. Our second David Reviews pick of the day, this week. ‘It’s Normal To Us’ neatly outlines a wide variety of catalysts which might inspire one to seek help.

Director: Simon Ratigan
Editor: Adam Spivey
Producer: Tim Nunn
Creative Agency: Mullen Lowe
Creative Director: John Dean / Gary Marjoram
Agency Producer: Nicholas Kurs
Film Production: HLA Films
Executive Producer: Mike Wells
Cinematographer: Federico Alfonzo
Production Designer: Tom Gander
Colourist: Seamus O'Kane / The Mill
Sound Designer: Ben Leeves / Jungle Studios

Sainsbury's Christmas: Gravy Song

Introducing ‘Gravy Song’, the first of three films in Thirtytwo’s trilogy with Wieden and Kennedy for Sainsbury’s, edited by Eve Ashwell. The Christmas countdown has begun! Director: thirtytwo Editor: Eve Ashwell Production Company: Pulse Films Production Producer: George Saunders

Sainsburys Christmas - Gravy Song
George Saunders @ Pulse Films

Orange: The Toy

From editor Nik Hindson and director Frédéric Planchon here is Orange ’The Toy’. Today, hundreds of millions of old phones are sleeping in drawers. Objects made of plastic, glass and non-renewable natural resources that it is essential to preserve. Orange are allowing customers to recycle their old phones by bringing them back to the store. Check out the full video above.

Director: Frédéric Planchon

Editor: Nik Hindson

Edit Producer: Daniel Breheny

Production Company: Iconoclast

Production Producer: Nathalie La Caer

Orange - The Toy
Frédéric Planchon
Nathalie La Caer @ Iconoclast